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2001 Annual Scientific Meetings

Guest Speakers

Robert Brackenbury, Ph.D.
from the University of Cincinnati

Lisa Marie Kozlowski, Ph.D.
from Science's Next Wave
Catherine Ackley Alo C. Basu Henning F. Horn
My N. Dang Edmund A. Griffin, Jr. Shawn Jeffries
Todd S. Davidson Laura Guogas Karen Liby
Keith J. DiPetrillo Josef Kurtz Susan A. McDowell
Katharine A. Hintz Elissa P. Lei Stacey K. Ogden
Kyle S. MacLea Nicholas Stavropoulos Mei Zhang
Kimberlee S. Mix K. Sturm-Ramirez Shengwen Zhang
Heather Prince Mari A. Takasu
Timothy H. Sulahian
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Advisory Board
Harold Amos, Ph.D.
Iain Cartwright, Ph.D.
Andrew Daubenspeck, Ph.D.
Robert F. Highsmith, Ph.D.
Jocelyn Spragg, Ph.D.
Robert E. Manley
James van Flandern
Donald Keller

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